Shooting the Messenger

In the coming days and weeks, AK HEADLAMP will be providing specific examples of where the state of Alaska could achieve savings in its budget, either through cuts or through efficiencies. Our hope would be that the administration, legislators and the general public would consider these suggestions.

This is what we said we would do. This is what many who are following the budget debate and writing about it in the mainstream media have been asking for.

We expect people to take pot-shots at us. We know we will be villainized and accused of atrocities.  We have no pretensions that people writing for the mainstream media really want suggestions about where to reduce the budget. Though they write about filling the gap with new revenues and budget reductions – AK HEADLAMP expects that their solution only involves new revenue with no budget reductions and they are waiting in the wings for someone, anyone, to start making suggestions on reducing the size of Alaska state government, ready to attack at the first word.

The decisions that need to be made in Juneau this session will not be easy. We know this. But instead of adding our voices to the chorus of those calling for reductions without offering suggestions AK HEADLAMP is willing to offer recommendations of places where efficiencies may be found. And take the inevitable attacks and criticism that comes with them.

If you have suggestions that you would like HEADLAMP to consider, please email them to Renee Limoge at: or Hans Rodvik at: