55 days until Juneau: Walker’s “consolidation” of leadership raises more questions for state gas team while Dec 4 vote approaches

Drama and Mega Projects-an odd couple. Coverage continues to focus on Walker’s leadership changes in the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation, as emphasized by the Alaska Public Radio News piece that focused on the Governor’s consolidation of the state’s gas team decision-making at AGDC. More and more lawmakers have begun to criticize the Walker administrations behavior, including State Sen. Anna MacKinnon (R-Eagle River) who confessed, “I have no idea who’s leading this project, absolutely not.”

In addition to Sen. MacKinnon, House Speaker Chenault said, “I’m worried the Governor’s recent moves and indecisiveness has jeopardized our relationships with our partners and is bringing a real cloudy outlook as to whether the project will continue after Dec. 4.” The project has always had resounding support from the legislature for obvious reasons, but recent leadership drama and the administration’s  distrust of  standard business practices,  has Alaska’s lawmakers growing increasingly more concerned with the project they once knew.

On December 4th, the state and its industry partners in AKLNG will vote on whether to approve funds for next year’s work on the project.  Until the recent shake-up at AGDC, it was thought that the state’s vote, in favor, was a foregone conclusion.  But at the press conference Saturday, Walker said the state isn’t yet ready to cast that yes vote. First, he says, he wants assurances from the state’s partners that if any company pulls out, it won’t then withhold gas it controls from the project. “By approving the work plan and budget today, there’s no incentive for us to receive those assurances or not,” Walker said. “We do have leverage. Leverage is not a bad thing.”

  Leverage:  increased means of accomplishing some purpose.  Headlamp hopes that the Governor’s purpose is to move the AKLNG project forward, as he promised to do in his campaign, and not to derail Alaska’s best opportunity for a strong economy.  Help us spread the word. AK Headlamp is growing quickly, but we need your help to spread the word.  Tell your friends, colleagues, family and more to sign up today for the latest in AK energy, politics and industry.  Tell them to sign-up online now here: http://bit.ly/1OdpLVY


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