The Morning Headlamp: 42 days until Juneau…Gov. Walker points finger at AKLNG partner…$850,000 for Boykin

Patience is a virtue. Covered by the Fairbanks Daily News Miner and the Associated Press, Governor Bill Walker said Friday that he didn’t want to hold up a vote to continue work on the AKLNG megaproject project while still seeking a commitment from ExxonMobil that he got from two other project partners. An Exxon spokeswoman, Kim Jordan, said by email that the company has been working to find mutually acceptable terms to advance the project and remains committed to doing so. “We, and many others, have communicated to the state, these agreements take time to negotiate and complete,” Jordan wrote. Walker seems to be pointing his finger at ExxonMobil, but the commitment he got from other partners appears to be an agreement to negotiate an agreement? The very fact that ExxonMobil and others voted for the 2016 plan is indicative of their commitment.

$850,000 for what? Rigdon Boykin, a commercial attorney, who earned more than $850,000 working as a negotiator for the state before his contract with the Alaska Gasline Development Corp. was terminated Nov. 30. Walker wouldn’t rule out bringing Boykin back to the project at some point. But for now, he said, “I don’t really see a role, necessarily, for him.” Asked about what Boykin had accomplished, Walker maintained the state got “its money’s worth Alaskans should be given the details of what work product we got for this money. 

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