The Morning Headlamp, 48 days until Juneau: Canadian LNG into Juneau…AKLNG’s global potential…And a big week for AK…

Growing Supply and Demand for LNG. Pieces in LNG Industry and Natural Gas Intel highlighted the continued significance of the AKLNG project to the future of Alaska’s economy. Specifically, Alaska’s LNG export potential is in a perfect position to meet growing energy markets around the world. Strong economic growth in the Asia-Pacific region has stimulated high gas demand for the future. Growing demand, coupled with limited domestic supplies, has led to predictions that Asian countries will be reliant on gas as LNG for decades to come. However, it is worth noting that recent estimates indicate that Canada has discovered an “astronomical” surplus of natural gas. Both demand and supply for LNG is strong and predicted to grow for years to come.  AKLNG could be well positioned to compete globally, but it must work to keep costs low to be successful.

A Big Week for Alaska’s Future. Alaskans need to watch their state this week, there’s too much at stake not to pay attention. From tax credits and AGDC board votes on AKLNG to Governor Walker’s trip to Washington DC, let the Headlamp keep you up to date on what you need to know this week.

Canadian gas, not Alaskan.  The Alaska Dispatch News covered reports that Juneau’s electric utility, Alaska Electric Light and Power’s recent sale to Spokane-based Avista Corp., could have big implications for the city’s energy. Avista wants to use what it’s calling a “virtual pipeline” to ship liquefied natural gas to Juneau, where it would be restored to a gas and piped to homes and businesses through a new distribution system. What Avista is proposing, said spokesperson Jessie Wuerst, is to buy natural gas in Canada, having it converted to LNG, and then moving it to Puget Sound in large, trailer-size vacuum flasks. Though AKLNG is far from completion, this deal serves as a reminder that the Alaskan energy market is competitive and ongoing LNG projects deserve full respect and attention of partners.

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