A week to remember?

Alaskans should be watching this week:

  • Governor Walker says he will submit his budget to the legislature. New revenue sources and budget cuts will give us a window into this administration’s soul-and and an idea of how they plan to deal with budget shortfalls while maintaining a favorable business climate. 
  • Oil and gas tax credits? Will they stay or will they go? 
  • Energy Rates for interior Alaska….under government management. Will AEA and AIDEA deliver what they say the private sector couldn’t?
  • AKLNG – will the state vote “yes” to move the project forward?

With so much at stake, HEADLAMP will cover each of these issues as they occur.  Alaskans may look back on this week and be thankful that the state made the smart choice’s for it’s future or lament lost opportunity. 

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